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Series: Generations
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

There are those who suppose, based on his high-speed history and fast-talking demeanor, that Blurr lacks patience. Those people are wrong. He appears to be always on the move because he always has somewhere he needs to be - delivering a sensitive data packet, or a round of electro-laser fire to a Decepticon squad. When he must wait, he can do so in absolute silence and stillness for hours, until his target is centered in his crosshairs.

Remarks: Blurr is a repaint of Generations Drift, so look for the full review there. Just some words on the differences here. Aside from a new paint job, the traditional G1 Blurr colors, Blurr received some modifications to the head. It’s not a completely new sculpt, but he’s got a much higher forehead, plus that blue antenna/spoiler/whatever thing that Blurr has always had on his head. So the resemblance to the original Blurr’s head is present, despite the head sculpt as such being quite different. Good job. The vehicle mode as a drift racer fits Blurr, too. He never had an Earth mode in all his previous incarnations, so it’s quite feasible to think that he might choose such a vehicle.

Seeing as Blurr has never been a swordsman in any incarnation of the Transformers, the three blades Drift carried as weapons have been replaced with three firearms. Instead of the long sword Blurr carries a huge sniper-style rifle. The rifle has an adjustable grip roughly in the middle, so Blurr can hold it two-handed in a variety of poses. The rifle can clip onto his back when he doesn’t need it. The two short swords have been replaced with two smaller guns, which easily fit into Blurr’s hip ‘holsters’. Additionally the two smaller guns can attach to the big rifle as a sort of tripod, making for a pretty nice visual with Blurr lying on his stomach, waiting for the perfect sniper shot. Nicely done, though I think the two smaller guns fit his character much better than the long sniper rifle.

Blurr isn’t exactly the most iconic character in Transformer history, but he’s been around for 24 years and keeps popping up every now and then. I wasn’t originally going to buy this repaint of Drift, but the thought of getting the entire G1 Season 3 crew together at last (with Kup and Wreck-Gar coming out soon to round out the cast) has been too tempting. And Blurr is exactly how I like my repaints. Not just new color, but minor changes to the head and new weapons to turn an already good figure into another, similar but still different, good figure.

Rating: A-
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