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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

You can't catch what you can't see!
Together with Bumblebee Mirage completes the Autobot spy team. Where Bumblebee focuses on information, however, Mirage prefers sabotage. Smart and fast, he's always ready with a joke, even when the situation doesn't call for one. Though he is not totally dedicated to the cause, he cares deeply for his friends and will do anything he can to protect them. His specialised electro-disruptor weapon can create complex illusions and even allows him to turn invisible.

Robot Mode: Mirage is a tall and very spindly robot. How spindly actually depends on wether you remove the front spoiler / hand weapon from its storage place on his waist. With it he is thin, without it he's a twig. Mirage also features a shoulder assembly that makes him look like a hunchback. Still, despite those strange proportions, Mirage is a cool-looking, very posable, and nicely detailled robot. I'm not a big fan of his hand weapon, but apart from that, a nice robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Like his G1 namesake Mirage becomes a blue-and-white formula 1 racer. The racer looks pretty nifty and features a closed cockpit. As an insider joke the words "Witwicky Sparkplugs" are written across his rear spoiler, referring to Sparkplug Witwicky, the father of Spike in the original G1 cartoon series. Mirage offers nothing in the way of gimmicks in this mode, but he doesn't really need to. After all, Classics is an homage to the age where transforming into a vehicle WAS the gimmick. So to sum it up, a good vehicle mode.

Add-Ons: Fansproject included a weapon set with its G3 Trailer, which included a chromed missile for Mirage. It's included in some of the pics.

Remarks: At first I didn't plan on buying Mirage because his strange proportions in robot mode kind of turned me off. When I found him pretty cheap, though, I couldn't resist and now I'm glad I didn't. He's not as strangely built as the first pictures made him seem and he looks pretty cool in both modes. Among the Classics he's not one of the better ones, but considering the extremely high quality of the line, that doesn't mean he's bad. He's a good figure, not for everyone, but worth getting if you want to complete the line or are a fan of the original G1 Mirage.

Rating: B-
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