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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Scout Terrorcon
Year: 2006

Scrapmetal is little more than a beast. Once, they were merely a dangerous breed of mechanical vermin from the depths of Cybertron, but he and his Terrorcon brethren have been mutated by the power of the black hole. Much larger than they once were, and far more dangerous, these creatures now swarm on the surface of Cybertron, led by Scrapmetal, who has gained the ability to reason and plot. Now that he has tasted the power that comes with command, his only desire is for more power.

Robot Mode: Scrapmetal is a nimble little guy, posable and nicely detailed. His look is very wholesome, everything fits together well. The big gun on his shoulder (either one, he can switch) gives him all the firepower he needs and his cyberkey can deploy a big blade for close-quarter combat. There is nothing to complain about here.

Alternate Mode: I'm not really sure what this alternate mode is supposed to be. A four-legged bug-like vehicle, it looks a bit like a small tank that grew legs instead of treads. It looks pretty cool, though, and with all four legs fully posable you can have lots of fun with this mode. No complaints. The Cyberkey gimmick works here as well, of course.

Remarks: Scrapmetal scored but a brief appearance in the cartoon in the form of endless number of Terrorcon bugs that infested Cybertron and were mostly wiped out by the Vanguard Team. As a figure, though, Scrapmetal is one of the best basic-sized Transformers I've ever seen. Posable, nicely detailed, two good modes, a nice gimmick, everything fits together. Scrapmetal comes in two other colours and one could assemble a small army of Terrorcon bugs with him. Recommended to all Cybertron fans.

Rating: A-

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