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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2008

A member of an obscure squad of Decepticon air warriors known only as "The Rainmakers," Acid Storm is known as an individual only to his teammates and a very few others. He is highly intelligent, eager, and dedicated utterly to the Decepticon cause. He has a talent for marshalling vast amounts of data, as well as a way with words that would make him a powerful speaker. However, he prefers to remain anonymous, as part of his team. His Hyperion-3 blasters can seed natural clouds with a highly destructive form of acid rain.

Review by Sam:

Robot Mode: This figure is simply amazing! Here you have the perfect G1 Seeker in all his beauty. Everything fits and my heart beats faster. Cockpit as chest and the two wings sitting on the back... really cool. The green colour scheme with the camouflage pattern looks pretty good und gives life to this figure. To me Acid Storm had a lot of character right from the moment he first stood in front of me in robot mode.

The figure is posable and can bend just about every which way. It's also balanced quite nicely and hardly ever threatens to tip over. His feet are solid and give him a good stance. His posability makes Acid Storm quite dangerous.

Unfortunately there are a few things I don't like, too. First being his over-sized cannons. If you fasten them to his upper arms in G1-manner, they always get in the way. I think this could have been done better. Fortunately Acid Storm can take those things in hand as well. During the first three G1 episodes the Seekers always did it that way, so I can easily live with that.

The second thing that bothers me is that the wings are just flipped up in robot mode, but not fastened to the robot's side in any way. Meaning they tend to flip down when you start moving his arms. Don't get me wrong, they aren't loose or anything, but some way to fasten them to the sides would have been appreciated.

Apart from that, though, I can't say anything bad about this figure. It's posable, nicely coloured, very lively and shows the flair of a typical G1 Seeker.

Robo-Rating: B

Vehicle Mode: This mode, too, looks pretty perfect to me. There is no clue visible here that a robot is hidden inside. Not even looking at it from below. This is a common problem with airplane-Transformers, where the bot mode is often hanging down the underside and arms and legs aren't hidden right. The classic design of the G1 Seekers had already solved that problem and it works just fine.

Only in the spot where the cockpit folds down in robot mode there is nothing but a hole. Does that bother me? No, it doesn't really matter. The jet looks wholesome and just cool.

Vehicle-Rating: A

Transformation: Here, too, I have nothing to complaint about. The design is solid, the joints not too tight and not too loose, and it only takes a few steps to transform the jet into a robot or vice versa. The transformation is simple and easily done.

Trans-Rating: A

Remarks: Actually Acid Storm only appeared in the episode "Divide & Conquer". But I do think I spotted him in the three-part episode "More Than Meets the Eye", too. Now and then you see a number of Seekers that are clearly not Starscream, Thundercracker or Skywarp. And I think I once saw Acid Storm somewhere in the thick of things. Just a side note, moving on now.

Seeing as Classics Starscream is going for quite a bit of money these days and Masterpiece Starscream looks ugly to me, I think Acid Storm is at this moment in time the easiest way to add a G1-style Seeker to your collection, which is pretty much a must. You can't go wrong with Acid Storm. Anyone who likes Transformers will love him. I can't say much more about him, this figure is just cool. Screw Starscream, here is Acid Storm!

Total Rating: A-
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