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Allegiance: Invid
Series: ExoSquad - Robotech Series
Year: 1995

In 1985 Matchbox released a number of toys based on the then-running Robotech anime series. Ten years later the ExoSquad toyline recycled these toys with slightly changed paintjobs and new stickers. They never appeared in the ExoSquad cartoon, but fans of the old Robotech anime will certainly recognize this beauty here as the Invid Shock Trooper from the third season (or alternatively from the Japanese version called Genesis Climber Mospeada).
The Invid Shock Trooper is relatively simple in a design, a crab-like non-transforming robot with pincers and two big guns on its shoulders. The Shock Troopers were basically the tanks of the Invid, appearing in endless numbers to crush any resistance. Its cockpit opens up to show a pilot seat, which can seat an ExoSquad figure (which were slightly smaller than GI Joe figures), but they also (somewhat) fit M.A.S.K. figures such as Alex Sector (seen in the pictures because I don't own a single ExoSquad figure).
Overall there isn't really that much to this figure, it lives off the nostalgia you have for the Robotech series. I am not the only one who enjoys that feeling, though, as the Robotech figures are among the most expensive and rare of the ExoSquad toys. So if you are a fan of Robotech (and have some cash to spare), take a look at ExoSquad - The Robotech Series.
Rating: B 

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