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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic Transmetal 2
Year: 1999

Megatron's cloning experiments have added a new and sinister member to the Predacon ranks: Scarem. A cold, calculating, cyber-organic beetle, Scarem can travel at extremely high speeds over any type of terrain - even when upside down. His body shell withstands an incredible amount of firepower. When on the attack, Scarem's ultra aggressive fighting methods are nearly impossible to stop. Now, the Maximals must use everything at their disposal to stop the vicious assault of Scarem.

Robot Mode: Scarem doesn't so much look like a humanoid robot, he looks like a beetle standing upright. Having no real hands, but instead blades, he looks kinda dangerous and the motley collection of organic and cybernetic-looking parts makes him look cool. Still, despite decent posability, I don't really like him much. A decent robot mode, but no more than that.

Beast Mode: Scarem transforms into a techno-organic beetle. Now the beast mode doesn't look bad, but really, we've had so many Predacons transforming into insects already, it's simply not original in any way. Scarem is a decent beetle, but offers nothing we haven't seen before except some shiny parts. An average beast mode at best.

Remarks: At the end of Beast Wars Hasbro rolled out Transmetals and Transmetal 2s aplenty, but with some rare exceptions they weren't really all that good. Scarem is not one of the exceptions. At the end of the day he is just another insect Transformer and we've seen plenty of those in Beast Wars. With no appearance in either TV show or comic book to promote interest in him, I can recommend buying him only to Beast Wars completists, no one else.

Rating: C-
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