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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic
Function: Spy
Year: 1996

Scouring city streets for Predacon enemies, Rattrap maintains his strength by feeding on grunge and grime and any wretched refuse he may encounter along the way. A top-notch soldier, his fellow Maximals rely on his reconnaissance reports to locate enemy outposts. They respect him...but they would not dare to share his meals!

Robot Mode: A basic-sized shell former, Rattrap is typical of many of the early Beast Wars toys, especially in his size class. A robot that unfolds from a split-open animal shell with the animal head on his chest. He displays the high Beast Wars standard of posability and has a good resemblance to his TV counterpart. All in all a decent robot mode, but no more than that.

Beast Mode: Rattrap becomes a rat, unsurprisingly. The beast mode as such is decent enough and looks realistic, but you can't really do much with it. The legs are immobile (you can only swing the feet sideways) and if you move the tail the shell splits open to reveal the robot. So to sum it up, good looks but little more than that.

Missing Parts: I'm missing Rattrap's weapon, which used to be stored in his rat mode's hind legs, and one of his rat paws.

Remarks: Rattrap is one of the mainstays of the entire Beast line and definitely one of the, if not the, best character from the series (Beast Wars anyway, not so much Beast Machines). This toy depicts his character as it appeared in the first season of Beast Wars and does a decent job of it. Personally I prefer his Transmetal version, which has better looks and more play value. Still, basic Rattrap has nothing to complain about and is mildly recommended to Beast Wars completists.

Rating: C+
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