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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Mega Transmetal
Function: Predacon Commander
Year: 1998

A quantum surge rips across the Beast Wars world, altering Megatron, evil genius and leader of the Predacons, into a metal-armored T-Rex. New turbine-powered V.T.O.L. (Vertial Take-Off and Landing) engines extend from his body, providing blazing atmospheric flight and the ability to "drop in" on unexpecting Maximals with his whiplash cutlass! Fused reptilian musculature enhances his power in an organic robot mode. The result: the creation of a supreme tyrant.

Robot Mode: Again, a very show accurate Beast Wars toy. Yes! The robot mode is a dead ringer for Season 2 Megatron, right down to the tail/pincer he carries as a weapon (and used to shoot holes in Optimus Prime's head). Posability and detail are very good, right down to the silly skates he can deploy from his feet. The only minor drawback is that he can not deploy the VTOL turbines on his back the way he did on the show in robot mode. Apart from that a near-perfect robot mode, yes!

Beast Mode: Like all Transmetals Megatron has a beast mode that can be slightly modified into a kind-of vehicle mode. Like the First Season Megatron he transformers into a T-Rex, but the beast no longer looks organic. Again, very show accurate, though. In beast mode he can deploy both his VTOL turbines for flight as well as his skates for ... well, skating. Yes!

Remarks: Definitely my favorite Megatron of the Beast Wars line, yes! Reason one is because he depicts Megatron as he appeared during Season 2 of the TV show, which was by far the best Transformers ever had to offer. Who could forget his Shakespearian monologue when he entered the Ark during "The Agenda" and prepared to murder Optimus Prime in his sleep?

"Now I enter these hallowed halls, a conqueror! Yes. Autobots and Decepticons ... awaiting the moment four million years hence when they will awaken to start the Great War. The Great War, where the Autobots defeated the Decepticons ... Archaic Energon guzzlers. How dare they? ... It's all come down to this. The ultimate risk for the ultimate prize. The day of reckoning with those who made us slaves!"

The toy is very cool, too, possessing all the features the show figure had as well and tying it up in a neat package that is lots of fun, both for simply posing as well as for playing. I'm not sure whether I'd call it the best Megatron ever, but it's definitely near the top of the list, yes!

Rating: A

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