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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic
Year: 1997

A fast-flying sky pirate with a thirst for battle, Lazorbeak upholds his motto of believing the only good point he likes about the Maximals is their melting point. His laser weapon can melt through most of the Maximals' battle armour, but such aggression tends to drain his Energon levels, allowing him to initialize only brief periods of aerial attack sequences between robot and pterodactyl modes. Still, when his power levels are charged, he is one mean menace.

Remarks: Lazorbeak is a straight-up repaint of Terrorsaur, so just a few words on the differences here. Lazorbeak got a new paintjob, which I personally like better than the one sported by Terrorsaur (especially in beast mode, where it simply looks more intricate), but that is the only difference between the two figures. Unlike Terrorsaur Lazorbeak never appeared in the TV series, though he did score a short cameo appearance in IDW's Beast Wars comic books. So bottom line, a decent Beast Wars Basic figure, but nothing too special. Recommended to Beast Wars completists.

Rating: C+
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