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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Mega
Year: 2004

Robot Mode: Dreadwing has one of the scariest-looking robot modes I've yet encountered in a Transformer. He looks regal and menacing at the same time, his slim figure, the parts jutting out back almost like a cape, and the head with a face that looks almost a bit like the Decepticon symbol. His robot mode has a variation termed 'Hyper Mode', in which the twin missile launchers on his back snap forward above his shoulders and the folded-up wings on his forearms extend. Not really much of a transformation, but sometimes less is more. Dreadwing looks like one scary Decepticon.

Alternate Mode: Dreadwing's alternate mode is very reminiscent of G1 Scourge, folding up into a kind of speedboat. It's one the single most complicated transformation sequences ever, but the result looks pretty good. A sleek and dangerous-looking speed machine. Again, there is a variation called 'Hyper Mode'. In this mode the twin missile launchers point upward and the wings extend. The result doesn't really look like a boat anymore, but rather a space fighter or something similar. The only complaint is that, with the wings extended like that, the aft assembly doesn't hold together all that well. It's better to leave things folded up in this mode.

Remarks: Dreadwing has yet to make a cartoon appearance, at least with this name and colour. He is a recolour of Energon Mirage (a clone of him, according to his bio), who is the reformatted version of Armada Tidal Wave. Whatever his origin, though, Dreadwing makes one fine Decepticon. He has the right combination of evil looks, sleek robot mode, and good alternate mode. Definitely recommended.

Rating: A-

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