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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic
Year: 1996

Sonar-sensitive antennae locate and track enemy Maximals infiltrating Predacon battle perimeters. Internal radar beacon emits low-frequency signal to alert others. When hungry for battle himself, this insidious insect uses his crossbow to cripple enemies then drags 'em to their doom with his monstrous mandibles!

Robot Mode: Insecticon is a basic Beast Wars figure from the first year of the series. He has a very organic look even in robot mode and his posability is excellent. Like most Beast Wars figures he can store his weapon, in his case a crossbow, on his body. It splits into two parts and is packed away in his..., well his ass. Anyway, Insecticon is nothing special, but a good, solid Beast Wars figure.

Alternate Mode: If you can't guess what a robot called Insecticon transforms into I can't help you. Becoming an insect (a stag beetle to be precise), Insecticon does a pretty good job at pretending to be an animal. The beetle as such doesn't offer too many features, but it can unfold wings from its back to fly and the legs can move a little. All in all a decent beast mode.

Remarks: Not the most spectacular of Beast Wars figure, but a good example that the designers put a solid amount of work even into no-show figures. Insecticon is named after the G1 Decepticon group of the same name and had a cameo appearance in IDW's Beast Wars comic series, but that's pretty much it. Recommended to Beast Wars fanatics.

Rating: C+
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