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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Deluxe
Function: Ocean Attack
Year: 1997

Just when the Predacons thought it was safe to go back in the water. Cybershark rises to the surface for a fearsome feeding frenzy. Like a turbo-charged torpedo speeding through the sea, Cybershark searches the ocean depths for Predacon enemies. Upon finding the enemy he launches his robotic hammerhead to knock them out cold, then finishes the job in robot mode by filleting his prey wih his switchblade tail.

Robot Mode: Cybershark is a very fun robot with lots of options. He can hold his hammerhead as a clubbing weapon or mount it on his chest like a shield. The tailfin of the shark works as a cutting weapon. He also has a missile launcher in his chest which can flip up and be loaded with the missiles he carries on his back. Add to that good posability and nice detailing and you have one very good and fun robot with nothing to complain about.

Alternate Modes: It isn't much of a stretch that a robot named Cybershark transforms into a shark, a hammerhead shark to be exact. The shark is nicely sculpted, if a bit plain, and offers a gimmick as well. You can detach the hammerhead (or fire it off, rather, as it is mounted in the missile launcher) and then you have a non-hammerhead shark with a missile launcher for a nose. Bottom line, a nicely done beast mode.

Remarks: Another no-show character from Beast Wars, Cybershark is lots of fun and IMO much better than his Transmetal 2 incarnation. The figure was later redesigned for use in the Japanese Beast Wars 2 cartoon, where he was renamed Hellscream (the evolved form of Starscream). Cybershark's Transmetal 2 form later served as fun RID bad guy Sky-Byte. To sum it up, if you don't mind the fact that this guy never appeared in the TV show, there is absolutely no reason not to get him.

Rating: B+
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