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Series: Dark of the Moon Cyberverse
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Commander
Year: 2011

Decepticon Hatchet enforces his commanders' wishes with merciless efficiency. Fast and heavily armed, this Decepticon is not to be underestimated. His four-legged robot mode allows for superior mobility on the galaxy's roughest terrain.

Robot Mode: Unlike most Transformers Hatchet’s robot mode isn’t a two-legged, humanoid form, but rather a four-legged beast mode. Or to put it more plainly: he’s Ravage. Not in name, no, but he looks more like Ravage than ROTF Ravage ever did. Anyway, Hatchet’s design here is very interesting, as he’s basically the jet (his alternate mode) reversed. The cockpit of the jet becomes the tail, while his head emerges from the rear.

Posability in four-legged modes is always hard to rate. Suffice to say that all of Hatchet’s four legs are posable, though the front legs much more so than the back ones. They’re longer, too, and can double as claws for attacking others. The rear legs are little more than stubs, but work just fine for the figure. Additionally Hatchet can pose his tail, too, though up and down is the limit of things here.

In terms of weapons Hatchet follows Ravage’s lead of having two weapons on his flanks. They are missiles in their normal mode, but you can flip around the missile tops and have gun barrels emerge. So basically a downgraded Mechtech weapon, working much better than many of the bigger ones. Finally there’s detailing, which is done very well considering the size of the figure. The head and front legs are very highly detailed, and as a bonus there is a panel on the back which flips around to show more details that suggest a spine (something for Bumblebee to rip out?). So all in all, one of the best four-legged robot modes I’ve seen.

Alternate Mode: Hatchet gains sympathy points from me for transforming into a (modified) Eurofighter Typhoon jet, a plane that was developed and built in Germany and is currently deployed by the German (and other countries’) air force. The detailing on the jet is as good as you can expect in this size class, so no complaints on that front, and the obligatory landing gear is present, too.

Like most jet Transformers, though, Hatchet carries quite a bit of an undercarriage. The front legs of his robot mode curl up underneath the wings and once you attach the missiles (which can convert into guns in this mode as well, of course) to the wings, all attempts at aerodynamics are ruined. Plus, his feet/claws stick out the back. Despite that, though, the jet mode still looks pretty good and pulls it off better than other jet Transformers I can think of. So bottom line: a solid alternate mode, not spectacular, but sufficient.

Remarks: Hatchet had a brief appearance in the Dark of the Moon movie during the Highway chase scene (though he transformed into a car there, not a jet). He was destroyed rather quickly by some teamwork between Mirage, Bumblebee and Sideswipe, thus forever relegated to the ranks of cannon fodder. So, pretty much like every Transformer in the Movieverse except for Bumblebee and Optimus.

As a toy, though, Hatchet is among the best DOTM toys I’ve seen yet. A solid alternate mode with only minor drawbacks (and bonus points for being a German plane), a superb robot mode, and more bonus points for being the Ravage that ROTF Ravage wasn’t. All of which makes for an excellent figure that’s well worth getting.

Rating: B+
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