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Series: Beast Wars Neo
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Basic
Year: 1999

Stampy is an extreme coward, who frequently frustrates his teammates. For all that, he's quick enough to be cheery. Yet his mighty ears hardly miss a distant sound and his speed and intelligence-gathering abilities are outstanding. His favorite food is space carrots.

Robot Mode: In design Stampy is rather similar to Transmetal Cheetor. The head of his beast mode splits into his hands, leaving him with the rabbit ears as 'swords'. The rabbit's hindlegs become the robot legs, while the forelegs go onto the back. As a robot Stampy is very posable and the detailing is quite nice. The one complaint I have is that the rabbit ears are his only weapon, he could have used some kind of gun or other. Still, a nice robot mode.

Beast Mode: Stampy becomes a white rabbit, probably a albino rabbit, considering the red eyes. The rabbit somehow manages to look cute and somewhat dangerous at the same time, the sculpt of the head is pretty good. Everything looks okay as long as you look at it form the side or the rear, if you look at the front you see some of the robot parts sticking out. The sculpt of the hips and legs makes it so that the rabbit can't really sit in his hindlegs, he either squats with the legs very far apart or is pretty upright, as if about to jump. These are minor problems, though. All in all a very decent beast mode.

Remarks: Stampy was part of the Japanese-exclusive Beast Wars Neo series, which featured all-original toys instead of simply utilizing unusued Beast Wars characters like Beast Wars II did. Never saw the series myself, but I wanted to get the only Transformer who could become a rabbit. The figure is a good toy with nothing major to complain about and it's quite simply cute. Which might not be the best reason to buy a Transformer, but I did.

Rating: B-
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