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Series: Beast Wars II
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Basic
Year: 1998

What's this in his chest? Twelve moon reports are in there! Transform Moon!
I'm Moon, the rabbit shaped robot! Usually, my friend Artemis and I are up on a little planet circling the planet Gaia. And in upcoming "Second News" segments on TV, I'll be telling everyone the secrets of the Beast Warriors we've seen, so be sure to root for me! (Hmph, trying to hog the spotlight all to yourself! Hey all you good kids, don't forget to root for me, Artemis too!)

Robot Mode: What can I say about Moon's robot mode? I think I rewrote this first paragraph three or four times, being at a loss what to write here. Moon is such an atypical Transformers figure, it's hard to write about him. He doesn't look like anything like the other Beast Wars figures. In fact, his robot mode looks more like some generic Japanese robot drone than anything else. Round head, round chest, round lower body. His hands, if they can be called that, are just the rear paws of the beast mode. His posability is quite good, but that's pretty much the only positive thing I can think of. Oh, and he's got a rabbit's head stuck to his ass.

If you look through Moon's 'navel' you can see 12 pictures of various characters from the Beast Wars II cartoon series, including Lio ConvoyGalvatronMagnaboss, and several group shots. You can switch through the pictures by pressing Moon's upper and lower body together.

All in all Moon's robot mode seems very strange and little more than an add-on to the beast mode. It does bear a strong resemblance to the robot we saw on TV, but other than that, not a lot of appeal here.

Alternate Mode: If you thought Moon's robot mode looked atypical, his beast mode, a rabbit, looks even more out of place in a Transformers series. His head, especially, looks more like something hailing from some anime children show than a cartoon about transforming robots. Anyway, it's basically the robot mode upside down. The robot legs are the front paws, the robot arms the rear paws and his robot head is supposed to be his tail, but it's really just a robot head hanging on his ass.

One has to say, though, that Moon looks a lot better in rabbit mode than as a robot. The head-on-the-ass is not quite as evident, the proportions seem a bit more realistic, he is just as posable and he does look adorably cute. Almost cute enough to give me cavities, but still cute. His rabbit ears are fully posable as well, by the way, so it's your own choice whether they point up, down, forward or backwards.

Remarks: Moon, along with his 'partner' Artemis, was one of two observers stationed on the moon of the planet Gaia (really future Earth). They kept watch over the conflict between Cybertrons and Destrons and the quest for the Angolmois energy. In the end they joined forces with the Cybertrons when the Destrons threatened to destroy the entire planet. Moon's role was pretty much restricted to saying 'Moon' at the end of every sentence and being Artemis' whipping boy whenever things didn't go according to plan (she always swung at him with a giant mallet when she got pissed).

As a toy Moon isn't all bad, far from it, but he's so far out of character for a Transformers toy, he doesn't really seem to fit into the Beast Wars II series (or any other TF series for that matter). And besides, if you want a transforming rabbit, you're better served with Beast Wars Neo Stampy, as Moon is either a robot with a rabbit's head on his ass or a rabbit with a robot's head on his ass. So Moon is really just for fans of very unusual Transformers and possibly Beast Wars completists.

Rating: C
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