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Series: Beast Wars II
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: City
Year: 1998

This is Megastorm's new form, powered up under the influence of the evil Angolmois energy. He transforms in three stages, from destroying dinosaur to monolithic base to attack fortress. His audacious offensives, making use of his tremendous power, force the Cybertrons into tight spots again and again. He is on the verge of no longer considering Galvatron his older brother, and the danger of a split in the camp now looms large. The Gigahorn on his head is harder than diamond, and can pierce through all manner of things.

Remarks: Gigastorm is a repaint of the G1 city robot Trypticon, so look there for the full review. Just some words on the changes made for Beast Wars II. Like with other G1 robots re-issued for new series (see Brave Maximus for example), the Japanese have left out several of the original's extras and add-on pieces, such as Trypticon's Brunt tank. This causes Gigastorm's city mode to look a little naked when compared to Trypticon's, but it doesn't drag him down that much. Still, Trypticon looks better in city or battlestation mode than Gigastorm does.

Where Gigastorm really shines is the robot mode (or dino mode, rather). A scale-like pattern has been added to his back, giving him an almost Godzilla-like look. A new, much bigger horn has been put on his head, so in a head-on collision he'd take Trypticon down without problem. Like Trypticon, Gigastorm is able to walk by itself by throwing a switch on his tail. A direct comparison also shows that Gigastorm is slightly faster than Trypticon (but both still needed several minutes to cover a distance of about two meters).

Gigastorm appeared in the Japanese-exclusive Beast Wars II series. He was originally known as Megastorm (a re-issue of G2 Megatron), but direct contact with the powerful Angolmois energy (the life force of Unicron) changed him into this more powerful configuration. As a figure I wouldn't call him an improvement over Trypticon, just different. While his alternate modes suffer a bit from the lack of extra parts and sticker details, his dino mode looks pretty impressive. Of course there is really no need to get both versions of this mold (unless you're a crazed collector like me) and if you ask me which one is better, I'd still say Trypticon (by a hair), but still, Gigastorm is a pretty cool figure. So if you can get him for a decent price, do it.

Rating: B+
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