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Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Vehicon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2000

I am not bound by the law of the land
The appointed General of Megatron's aero-drones, Jetstorm is the hotshot lord of the skies over the enslaved planet of Cybertron. Quite a talker, tends to engange in tactics of verbal intimidation. Headstrong attitude and less than modest personality often cause friction with the other generals - but impressive combat abilities speak for themselves. Outfitted with various types of energy blasters and plasma bombs. Extremely swift and maneuverable in vehicle mode. Rather flighty, Jetstorm never touches land. - must convert into robot mode where he hovers over the ground.

Robot Mode: Jetstorm in robot mode holds some resemblance to his TV counterpart (which is far from a given in the Beast Machines line), though he is a bit too colourful. With his stocky build and huge gauntlets he looks a bit more manga-like than I usually like, but he manages to pull off the look. Jetstorm can either use his robot legs or, like the TV character always did, combine them into a kind of hover-platform (Jetstorm never touched the ground if he could help it). All in all a decent robot mode with (for Beast Machines) a good TV-likeness.

Alternate Mode: Jetstorm transforms into a jet (big stretch). The plane looks futuristic and streamlined, the wings maybe a little short to actually accomplish flight in any kind of real world. Who cares, though? Jetstorm can extend and bend his 'neck' in this mode, giving the jet mode a more alive-feel to it, and has a full landing gear. All in all a good jet mode.

Remarks: Jetstorm is the original mold that was reused numerous times in subsequent series, RID Storm Jet among others. It's a pretty good mold, so no complaints there. Jetstorm, the TV character, had the added depth of being a Maximal-turned-Vehicon, one of the more interesting characters of the show. The toy is nothing too special, but a good mold with maybe a little too much colour in it. Overall a decent robot.

Rating: B-

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