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Series: Animated
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Activator
Year: 2008

This ego-crazy clone of Starscream is so full of himself; it's tough for him to pay attention to anything else. He sometimes gets distracted by the beautiful shape of his own shadow on the clouds beneath him, or his reflection in the windows of buildings as he flies past. That doesn't make him any less dangerous to the Autobots he attacks, though!

Remarks: Thundercracker here is, like he nearly always is, a repaint of a Starscream, in this case of Animated Activator Starscream, so look for the full review there. Just a few words on the differences. Thundercracker is mostly a dark blue, his traditional main color, with some black and grey highlights. The main colored detail is his orange cockpit canopy. No structural differences to Activator Starscream, unsurprisingly, so he, too, transforms into a jet that looks pretty good except for the visible robot arms.

In many ways the Activator versions of Starscream and his clones were superior figures to the larger Voyager version, being a good deal more cartoon accurate. Thundercracker, the clone representing Starscream’s huge ego, was supposed to get a Voyager incarnation as well, but that was cancelled as the Animated toy line ended (far too soon in my book). So while it is sadly not possible to get all the clones in the same size class, it’s still possible to get a pretty big horde of them. And Thundercracker is part of that, no doubt. Just ask him, he will tell you how great he is. Recommended to all Animated fans.

Rating: B+

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