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Series: Animated Japan
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Activator Store Exclusive
Year: 2010

Prelude: Now let’s get this clear: this here is the original Starscream! It’s certainly not Ramjet, the constantly lying Starscream clone, no way! And even if he were Ramjet (which he isn’t), he was available all over the world and is certainly not a figure exclusive to the Takara Animated line. Don’t believe the lies you have heard! And in no way, shape, or form was this Ramjet (which is really Starscream) part of a set of Animated figures I got from my good friend James, whom I don’t really know at all and have certainly never met. So here is Ramjet (that’s not his name!), let’s say go (no one will go!)

Robot Mode: Seeing as I have already reviewed the StarscreamDirge, and Thundercracker versions of this mold, we’ll keep it brief. Ramjet is a straight-up repaint with no engineering changes. He wears Ramjet’s traditional colors of brownish-red and white (well, more of a bright grey) and wears them well.

And that’s pretty much it in terms of changes. The Activator Starscream mold is, in my opinion, still the superior version of the Animated Seeker and it looks good in Ramjet’s colors, too. So thumbs up and moving on.

Alternate Mode: Naturally Ramjet transforms into the same kind of futuristic fighter jet that Starscream did. I like the forward-swept wings, but sadly you can clearly see the robot mode arms underneath the wings. Still, a very nice jet mode and looking good in Ramjet’s colors.

Remarks: Ramjet was one of the clones that Starscream created in Animated, each of whom representing a facet of his personality. Ramjet was his tendency to lie, taken to the extreme so that Ramjet would never utter anything but a lie. Ramjet was one of the more prolific of the clones, mostly due to his lying ways, but ended up imprisoned with all the other Decepticons after the series ended.

Sadly Animated did not give us all the clones in one size class, but using the Voyagers, Activators, and Legends-class figures you can assemble nearly the full clone squadron. Except Slipstream and Thrust, but she got a figure in Generations and he was only in the Allspark Almanac, not in the series, so that’s okay. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to get Ramjet, but I’m glad to have him now. Not a must-have figure unless you are an Animated completist like myself, but pretty good.

Rating: B+

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