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Series: Animated
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Activator
Year: 2008

One of the first robots brought to life on Earth by the power of the AllSpark, Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots. Though he originally fell prey to the manipulation of Megatron, he now understands that Earth and the Autobots deserve his friendship and protection. There's nothing he enjoys more than melting Decepticons into scrap with his flame breath.

Robot Mode: Activator Grimlock is pretty much identical to the larger Voyager-class Grimlock, just scaled down. Which isn’t that surprising, as I have no idea how one was supposed to simplify his transformation scheme any further than it already is. The detailing is a tad more simplified as well, but no more than expected given the reduction in size. The one actual difference to the larger figure is the absence of Grimlock’s big flaming sword, but I think all the Activators were unarmed.

Anyway, the Activators are supposed to be smaller, simpler versions of the Animated characters with an easy, semi-automatic transformation and lots of fun for kids. Grimlock ticks all those boxes. He looks like he should, he is nicely articulated, his arms are just as overly long as those of the bigger Voyager figure, so all in all: a nice robot mode, being exactly what it is designed to be.

Alternate Mode: Hardly surprising, Activator Grimlock transforms into a mechanized Tyrannosaurus Rex. Never saw that coming, did you? Anyway, just like with the robot mode, the beast mode is a pretty straight-forward downsized version of the larger Voyager figure. The dinosaur legs are fully articulated and the jaws can open up. The tiny little front arms can move a little bit as well, if you want. So... yeah, that’s pretty much it. The golden lever on Grimlock’s back triggers his auto-transformation gimmick, though it only does about 80 percent of the transforming, you have to straighten the guy out a bit yourself still. All in all, though, a great little T-Rex. No complaints here, either.

Remarks: Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots were created as weapons against the Autobots by Megatron before accidentally gaining sentience due to Sari Sumdac’s AllSpark Key. It didn’t make them very smart, though, as they were easily manipulated by the likes of Meltdown and Blackarachnia.

Despite Hasbro making a big deal about the simplified figures such as the 1-Step Changers in the current Age of Extinction toyline, the idea of simplified, young-kid-friendly Transformers toys has been around pretty much since the days of the original toyline and just about every line since has included such figures. For Animated it was the Activators (among others). Grimlock is the only one of the Animated Dinobots who was also available as an Activator, hardly surprising as he’s Grimlock. And while the bigger Voyager-class toy is certainly more interesting to adult collectors such as myself, the little guy here is certainly a nice toy for smaller children, as was the intention. Thus: mission accomplished.

Rating: B+


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