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Series: Binaltech
Allegiance: Cybertron
Year: 2005

Do it with style or don't bother doing it.
Well versed in Earth culture, Meister serves as Prime's deeply trusted right-hand 'bot and was one of the very few members of the Autobots' Earth forces to escape the damage of the Cosmic Rust. However, in order to carry out a top-secret investigation related to the very existence of the BT Project, he had his brain transferred into a Mazda-made transformable body, which provided both a better disguise and GT system compatibility, and was reborn as a new Binaltech warrior. Working in cooperation with his replica automaton partner, he uses his superior intellect to accomplish any dangerous mission with style.
(Tech Spec by Hirofumi Ichikawa, translation by Doug Dlin)

Robot Mode: Meister uses almost the same mold as Smokescreen, which is kind of fitting, seeing as their G1 incarantions also used similar molds. It is also definitely one of the best of the Binaltech/Alternator molds. Very posable, very detailed, and his metal parts give him a solid feeling that is lacking from the American Alternators. The similarities to G1 Jazz (Meister's American name) are mostly in the head and general body shape. The red colour is a novelty, of course, the white version is truer to G1 canon. I find myself liking the red, though, and even though there are quite a few red Alternators already, this one is looking better than most. A very good robot mode.

Vehicle Modes: Meister transforms into a Mazda RX-8 sports car and, as with pretty much all Binaltech and Alternator figures, gives a very good showing of it. The detailing, both outside and inside, is very good. Of course the metal parts do have one disadvantage, they scratch quicker and more visibly than the plastic. Still, Meister is a very good car, as is the standard for this great toyline.

Remarks: Binaltech/Alternators follows the G1 tradition of creating multiple robots from the same mold. In the Binaltech story they have given different backstories for the different bodies. In Meister's case the white version of this robot is described as the 'real' Meister, while the red version is a clone he can remote-control (and calls 'Zoom-Zoom', apparently). It is interesting to note that the packaging shows the red version on the front, but the white version on the back. Anyway, I quite like my red Meister and since I'm not the kind of collector who needs to have all possible versions of the same mold, he will probably not be joined by his white counterpart (unless I get him extremely cheap somewhere). White or red, though, Meister is definitely recommended.

Rating: A


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