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with Astroscope, Knock Out, Payload & Skyblast

Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Mega
Year: 2004

Remarks: An anniversary message first: Ultra Magnus and his Minicons bring my total Transformer count up to 250. Happy anniversary! Of course the number of reviews is only at 161, but I'm working on it.

Since this robot is identical with Armada Overload and his support team is a recolour of the Armada Minicon Space Team, I will only give a brief description of the differences.

Ultra Magnus is a vast improvement colour-wise, in my opinion, his blues and greys a lot more stylish than the glaring red of Overload. Especially in combination with Optimus Prime and Jetfire the colours really make a difference, giving the combination robots a cooler, grimmer look. Magnus suffers from the same problems Overload had, the lack of weapons and posability. He is given a weapon in the Requiem Blaster, but the design of his arms is such that he has trouble holding it unless you put it together in a slightly different way.

All in all, though, I like Ultra Magnus a lot. He looks good and gives a good homage to the original Ultra Magnus. Recommended if you don't have Overload and even then, slightly recommended for the cooler look.

Rating: B-
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