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Series: Superlink
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Basic Omnicon
Year: 2004

My imagination is the key to winning!
Signal Flare is a Cybertron Omnicon and one of the greatest Energon welders of his kind. His Omnicon brothers depend greatly on his skills and experience. In vehicle mode he projects a powerful Energon beam from his radar dish that can take the shape of massive tools or weapons. Signal Flare is a silent warrior that prefers mastering the artistry of his Energon weapons to battle.
(Adapted from Energon Signal Flare's bio)

Robot Mode: Signal Flare is a pretty standard figure for the Energon/Superlink line. Nicely made, decently posable, but overall he's a little bit boring for me. He's lacking that little something extra. As it is he would do nicely for a big crowd scene as a background bot. Signal Flare has a cannon for a right arm, where he can mount his Energon dish. Overall a decent robot mode, but kind of boring.

Alternate Mode: Signal Flare's vehicle mode is a kind of radar wagon / tank, depending on whether you mount the Energon dish or not. The vehicle is nicely made and has all the necessary detailing, but once again, somehow a bit boring. It's nothing we haven't seen before in other figures.

Remarks: I don't really know why, but Signal Flare just bores me. He's a nicely made figure, no obvious flaws, but somehow there is nothing about him that stands out, either. A good average, but nothing more than that. The only difference between Superlink Signal Flare and his Energon incarnation are that the American version's arms are beige instead of white. Otherwise they are identical. So if you need a figure to fill up the ranks, Signal Flare can do that. But if you're looking for something spectacular, look elsewhere.

Rating: C
Toy DB Link

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