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Series: Superlink
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Combat
Year: 2004

You can run from justice, but I'll catch you.
Red Alert is a Cybertron and head of security for several strategic bases. He is faster than any of his comrades in both robot and vehicle mode. His powerful cannon can fire weapons of restraint on his enemies, such as energon nets and cages. In vehicle mode, he is a Formula One police car capable of great speed and maneuverability. Any Destron that has tried to escape his pursuit has met with failure. Red Alert is able to powerlinx with Inferno. He is a true team player but his suspicious nature prevents him from completely trusting any of his Cybertron teammates.
(Adapted from Energon Prowl's bio)

Robot Mode: Red Alert, or Prowl as he is called in Energon, looks somewhat like a grown-up version of Armada Swindle. He has the same basic layout, same alt mode, more or less the same transformation sequence. Red Alert is a deluxe figure, though, and as such he is well detailed, quite posable, and just all-around good. One thing that bugs me a bit is that the exhaust ports on his head can only point backwards, not upwards, but that's just a little thing. He is armed with a transparent blue rifle. All in all Red Alert does a very good job as a robot.

Vehicle Mode: A formula 1 racing car serves as Red Alerts alternate mode. Now I don't believe there is such a thing as a formula 1 racer police car, but just go with it. There are emergency lights on the spoiler and the word 'police' written on its side. The vehicle mode looks very good and can be armed by applying Red Alert's rifle (or pretty much any other Energon weapon) on the sides. No complaints here.

Combination Mode: As a Powerlinx figure Red Alert can combine with other Powerlinx figures into a greater whole, either as an upper or a lower body. Without wanting to go into every possible combination (which you can see on my Powerlinx Combo page) one can say that Red Alert does a good job both as an upper and a lower body. When he's being a lower body his spoiler plate is supposed to point downward, serving as a kind of loin cloth for the combined robot. Personally I like it better when it points up as a chest shield in this mode, too, but to each his own in this matter. To sum it up, no problems with Red Alert in this area, either.

Remarks: Both Red Alert and Prowl, the American name of this figure, are mainstays in the Transformers mythos, but this figure doesn't really resemble either of them. It looks more like Mirage or even Slapdash. Name aside, though, Red Alert is a very good figure and well worth getting, even though he played but a small role in the cartoon series, being the right hand man of Rodimus. So if you're looking for a good figure to bolster your Energon / Superlink collection, then Red Alert / Prowl is your guy.

Rating: B+
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