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Series: Superlink
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Basic Terrorcon
Year: 2004

I have an appetite for your destruction.
Chromhorn is a merciless Terrorcon who declares allegiance only to himself. He possesses a powerful arsenal of Energon weapons in both robot and insect mode. His infamous battle tactics are feared by both Cybertrons and Destrons alike, though few of his opponents have survived to speak of them. His enemies are advised to avoid the swarm of Chromhorn.
(Adapted from Energon Insecticon's bio)

Robot Mode: Chromhorn in robot mode kind of reminds me of the G1 Autobot Brawn, at least how he appeared in the cartoon. Short, blocky, looking very strong and tough. Chromhorn has massive forearms and with two guns sticking out over his shoulders he looks like the kind of guy you don't want mad at you. Posability isn't the best, but still decent. The only thing that bugs me a little is that his head is solidly integrated into his shoulders and can't be turned independently. Other than that, though, he's okay. As a weapon he carries a drill-like Energon rifle that can be split into a kind of sword and a short machine gun. It's the same weapon Superlink Nightscream carries. So to sum it up, not the best robot mode in the world, but pretty good.

Beast Mode: This is the form we saw Chromhorn in during the cartoon series. He transforms into a beetle, probably supposed to be an elephant beetle or a snout beetle. Make up your own mind here. Anyway, while the beetle is purely mechanical and looks more like a tank on legs than an insect, he still looks awesome with lots of detailing and an air of pure meanness. You can put his Energon weapon on him, giving him a drill to bore his way through solid ground. All in all a pretty decent beast mode.

Remarks: Chromhorn, or Insecticon as he's known in Energon, only appeared in the cartoon in the form of endless swarms of mindless Terrorcon drones, always in beast mode, never in robot mode. Look-wise he doesn't really fit in with the other Terrorcons, but that doesn't matter much. He's a pretty good figure and while he's lacking that little something that turns a good figure into a great one, there is absolutely nothing seriously wrong with him. A good, solid toy.

Rating: B
Toy DB Link

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