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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Mega
Year: 2004

A stunt can never be too dangerous.
Cliffjumper is an Autobot that endures in hi-risk situations. He has been known to engage in stunt maneuvers considered unnecessary and dangerous to both himself and his Autobot comrades. In vehicle mode, he is a sleek dune racer. His speed is impressive and he is one of the few Autobots that can keep up with Prowl on the open road. Cliffjumper's skill and endurance in battle have impressed Optimus Prime on many occasions but his unnecessary risk-taking has earned him many a reprimand by the Autobot Commander.

Robot Mode: Cliffjumper looks nothing like his G1 counterpart, but considering that I don't like Minibots, that's just peachy. Cliffjumper looks pretty decent and while I don't like his head much, the rest is good. His wing-like shoulder-structures, the crest covering his chest, even the colour combination looks good, which surprised me a little. Cliffjumper has average posability for an Energon toy, meaning not as good as Beast Wars or RID toys, but way better than just about any G1 figure.

Alternate Mode: Cliffjumper's vehicle mode suffers from some of the same problems as Ironhide in that it looks more like a toy racer, the kind I remote-drove and -crashed as a child, rather than a real vehicle. Once you get over that, though, the dragster racer looks pretty good. And it's also quite huge. Just one more drawback: Unless you insert Cliffjumper's twin guns into the hood, you get an ugly-looking breach.

Combiner Mode: Cliffjumper can combine with other mega-sized Energon figures into a Powerlinx figure, either as an upper or lower body. Much like Jetfire, Cliffjumper makes a better lower body than upper. His upper body mode, while good for the most part, really suffers from his legs becoming arms. There is a lot of clutter hanging on them and they really drag them down. As a lower body he is quite good, though, long and posable legs with the rest of the robot body folded away to the back without being back-heavy or obtrusive.

You can see all possible combinations of Powerlinx Cliffjumper on my Powerlinx Combos Page.

Remarks: Cliffjumper doesn't play any sort of prominent role in the cartoon, but still makes for a pretty decent toy. Like all mega-sized powerlinx figures I've seen so far he suffers from the problem of the legs becoming the arms, something they are really unsuited for. Other than that, though, he is a good figure. Good robot mode, decent vehicle mode, one good powerlinx mode. I'd label him recommended for those that want to bolster the ranks of their Energon Autobots with some decent figures.

Rating: C+


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