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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Supreme
Year: 2006

Unsurpassed in ego and ambition, Starscream is the scheming second-in-command to Megatron. With his mastery of the sword, null-ray cannons that can disrupt the functioning of even the most hardened Autobot and a vast array of scondary weapons, Starscream is second only to Megatron and Optimus Prime in power. His speed is uncanny, often giving slower 'bots the impression that he actually teleports around the battlefield. Left stranded on Earth to battle Jetfire - the only Autobot warrior capable of even coming close to matching Starscream for speed or skill in aerial combat - he plots to seize a Cyber Planet Key for himself in order to gain the power he needs to finally overthrow Megatron and take command of the Decepticon army himself. Though his battle prowess is legendary, he lacks the practical intelligence to hide his ambition from his leader, and Megatron is more than aware of his plotting.

Robot Mode: Supreme-class Starscream is nearly identical to Voyager-class Starscream except for his size and some details. Supreme Starscream can aim the two guns attached to this cockpit-torso forward, giving him more firepower in robot mode. Also, instead of having purple blades in both forearms, Supreme Starscream replaces one of them with a purple cannon, that can fire a black projectile. As far as posability and detailing go, Starscream hasn't changed much, though the colouring is a bit darker, especially the red. Starscream also comes with a crown that can be placed on his head, as well as two different Cyber Planet Keys, one for Earth and one Decepticon key. All in all Supreme Starscream isn't exactly an improvement over his smaller counterpart, but neither did the size increase take anything away from him. A good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Starscream's vehicle mode is pretty much identical to that of his Voyager incarnation. A futuristic space jet that combines elements from G1's pyramid-flyers and Dreamwave's War Within series. A good-looking jet, no complaints. Starscream's crown can even remain on his head in this mode, it doesn't impede the transformation.

Remarks: After gaining control over several of the Cyber Planet Keys, Starscream tapped into the power of Primus and became a powerful giant. Interestingly enough he didn't manage to win so much as a single fight after that, but that is another story. As a figure Supreme Starscream is more than just a super-sized version of his Voyager-class version, some improvements have been made. Still, for a figure this size, I'd have expected a little bit more. He's larger than Primus, yet offers far less detailing and play value. So I'll rate him a notch lower than the Voyager Starscream. Recommended to Starscream fans and Cybertron completists.

Rating: B+

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