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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2005

One tough Autobot, Overhaul has never thought much of intellectual pursuits. His solution to a complex problem is generally to stomp on it until it gets simple or stops being a problem. He's never felt that he's had the respect his strength deserves from the other Autobots, but now that he's on the Jungle Planet - where might makes right - he feels right at home.

Robot Mode: Overhaul is a small, but tough-looking robot with just a touch of Wolverine in him, and I don't just mean the claws, which are a nice touch. His face is also molded quite well and gives him a slightly feral look. The rest of him looks like a miniature (and improved) version of Energon Ironhide. His posability is good, though the shoulder and elbow joints need some getting used to until you get the arms to move like you want them to. By inserting his cyberkey you can launch the red missile from his chest. All in all a nice-looking little robot with a nice, feral edge to him.

Alternate Mode: Where the robot mode was good, the vehicle mode is barely average. Again a smaller version of Energon Ironhide, the little car has very little detailing and the cyberkey gimmick is useless in this mode. You can enter the key, but since the missile is stowed away inside, nothing happens. At best an average vehicle mode, nothing more.

Remarks: Overhaul is an interesting little robot due to his Wolverine-style claws and look. Unfortunately he has little more than that to offer, making him an average toy bottom line. In the TV show Overhaul was stranded on the Beast Planet, where he tried to take on Scourge all by himself and ended up transformed into the mighty Leo Breaker. I haven't got Leo Breaker yet, but I figure he is the better version of this character. Overhaul is, as I said, just average. Recommended to Cybertron fans.

Rating: C+

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