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Series: Cybertron
Year: 2005
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Legends
Robot Mode: This miniature version of Megatron does a good job of duplicating the Decepticon leader on a smaller scale. Of course the detailing can't be as extensive, but the figure has decent posability for such a small guy. What's missing, of course, is any kind of weapon. Maybe if they'd included his death claw at least, simply detachable from the back. Anyway, a decent robot mode.
Alternate Mode: Little Megatron can only transform into one of big Megatron's alternate modes, the car. Seeing as the jet mode is a waste of space, though, that's fine. The car looks great, just like on the big version, so absolutely no complaints here.
Remarks: I didn't bother getting the bigger Megatron because I don't like his colour scheme. The Galvatron version is much better in my opinion. But when I saw this little guy I thought it a good chance to include the Megatron name in my Cybertron figures list after all, so I bought him. Nothing special, but a good miniature version of the Decepticon leader.

Rating: C
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