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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Leader
Year: 2005

Remarks: Megatron (or Master Megatron as he's called in Japan) was repainted into Galvatron and seeing as I got Galvatron first, you can find the full figure review there. Only some words on the differences between the two figures here. It's pretty much just in the colour scheme. Where Galvatron was mostly silver and black, Megatron is a pretty colourful fellow. I originally didn't want to get this figure because I really didn't like the wild mix of colours. I have to say that it's not as bad as I thought, actually holding the figure in hand the colours don't look half as wild and mismatched as they did on some images. I'd even say that, had they just left out the orange, Megatron would look pretty cool colour-wise. As things stand he doesn't look bad, but Galvatron still looks better.

Apart from the colours there are no differences between the two figures. Both transform into pretty cool cars, both have a third, pretty useless jet mode, both have a three-piece claw and a gun for a weapon. Interestingly enough it never occured to me with Galvatron to mount his cannon on his arm instead of putting it into his hand, but I did it pretty much first thing when I got Megatron here. Put that way, it almost looks like the old G1-style fusion cannon, at least from certain angles.

So all in all I still consider Galvatron the better-looking version of this mold and if you intend to get just one version, take Galvatron. But Megatron isn't as bad-looking as I first thought and the figure itself is pretty solid (except for the jet mode). So thumbs up for Megatron.

Rating: B
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