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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2005

Robot Mode: Exigeyser is a posable robot with good looks and a whole lot of firepower. In his normal mode he can use the knife stored on his leg for close-quarter combat or flip up his shoulder-mounted cannons. Inserting his force chip the cannons flip open to reveal missile launchers. His shoulders and legs also contain missile launchers, giving him all the long-range firepower he needs. He shares enough of a resemblance with Hot Shot/Exillion to make one realize that they're supposed to be the same person. My one complaint about this figure is that, being an upgrade of Exillion, it is actually smaller than his "weaker" incarnation. They should have made it a bit taller. Apart from that, though, a very good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Exigeyser transforms into an armoured military vehicle with a gun turret on top (not sure what it's called). The vehicle as such is nothing special, but does offer some play value. The turret is fully turnable and by inserting the force chip you can activate the missile launcher gimmick. Bottom line a decent, if unremarkable vehicle mode.

Remarks: Over the course of the last few Transformers series it has become par of the course for characters to receive upgrades/reformats halfway through the series and Hot Shot has always been one of them. In the Japanese Galaxy Force he got a new name to go with the new look, in the American Cybertron he just got the word "Defence" put before his name. As a figure Exigeyser is good, but it still bugs me a bit that he is smaller than Hot Shot. All in all, though, I can recommend him.

Rating: B
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