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Series: Galaxy Force
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2005

Chromia is a female Transformer who lurks in the oceans of Earth. She appears in front of ships cruising on the water and bursts into beautiful song, terrifying the Earthlings. This female's lovely, graceful methods of fighting have forced our Cybertron troops into some tough battles. Her attachment to strong power will doubtless be exacerbated by the Destrons' aspirations.
(Translated from Japanese by Doug Dlin)

Robot Mode: Chromia is a female robot, there is no denying that. Her shape is rather slim and curved and her face also has female features. Her chest looks a bit like the Matrix of Leadership, actually, not sure what they intended with that. Her posability is good, though hampered by the huge backpack she's wearing. The only real way to stand her upright is to use the wings of the backpack as additional stabilizers. Chromia carries a huge missile launcher in this mode (getting even bigger when activating the force chip gimmick), but sadly her shoulder joint is too weak to properly carry it, so the only way is to bend her elbow at a right angle. Bottom line, a nice-looking robot mode, but some structural problems.

Alternate Mode: One of only very few Transformers with a sea-going alternate mode, Chromia transforms into a speed boat. She does a very good job here. The boat looks sleek, fast, and realistic. The huge missile launcher on top gives it all the firepower it needs along with a small machine gun up front. The little wings on the side are hydrofoils, making her appear even speedier. This is a very good boat mode.

Remarks: The only female Transformer in Galaxy Force (seeing as Nitro Convoy was male in Japan, not female like his American counterpart Overdrive), Chromia takes her name from the G1 cartoon-only character that appeared in the double episode "The Search for Alpha Trion". In the cartoon she was a bit too anime-girl like for my tastes, though her ways of always switching sides to work for whomever seemed most likely to win at the moment was hilarious. As a toy Chromia looks good in both modes, but her robot mode has some problems, so I'm putting her at a good average. Recommended to Galaxy Force fans and collectors of female Transformers.

Rating: C+
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