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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager Cybertron Defense
Year: 2006

Scattorshot has proven himself a hero during the campaign on Earth, and his newfound confidence manifests itself in his redesigned robot and vehicle modes. He is perfectly addapted to the harsh conditions he will find on Cybertron. It's surface is cracked and tossed into jagged rubble by the horrible gravity of the black hole, and it is infested with dangerous Terrorcons, mutant robots programmed only for destruction. Scattorshot still worries about bad luck but he now believes that enough firepower can overcome even all the bad luck in the Universe.

Robot Mode: Scattorshot is a tall, bulky robot who looks like he's built for war. Two boxy missile launchers and his tank thread legs with clawed feet enhance that image. Despite his bulkiness he is pretty posable and the detailing on his figure is also quite good. Scattorshot features two different Cyberkey gimmicks. Inserting the key into his left arm causes a twin missile launcher to flip out, doing the same on the right arm reveals a big blaster cannon. Scattorshot also carries a blue rifle, but compared to the size of his other weapons it looks pretty small and fragile. Scattorshot is a very good figure in robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Scattorshot transforms into a missile tank on threads. The vehicle looks okay, if a bit boring. You can raise and turn the missile launcher, but the problem is that his robot head becomes visible if you do. The Cyberkey gimmicks work in this mode as well, he can use either or both. Bottom line, the vehicle mode is nowhere near as good as the robot mode, but decent enough not to drag the figure down any.

Remarks: After his near-destruction at the hands of Megatron, Scattorshot was reformatted by the Earth's Cyber Planet Key into this new, more powerful form. As part of the Autobot Vanguard Team he then travelled to Cybertron to deal with the threat of the Terrorcons. As a figure Scattorshot is pretty cool, though the old-school G1 fan in me is always a bit miffed when I see an Autobot, originally constructed for building and maintenance, armed with enough weapons to blow entire batallions of Decepticons to scrap. But if you leave that aside you have a great figure with great Cyberkey gimmicks and while the vehicle mode is a bit boring, it doesn't hurt the figure much. Scattorshot is a clear recommandation.

Rating: A-

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