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with Clench

Series: Armada
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Gigacon
Year: 2003

I am the icon of destruction!
Galvatron is a powered up version of Megatron, making him the epitome of egotistical might and tyranny. He is a self-centered maniacal bully who constantly abuses those around him in order to advance his wishes and dreams. While he despises incompetence and petty bickering, he demands complete and utter loyalty. Even the most devote of his warriors are pawns to be used, maneuvered, gambled with, and if need be, sacrificed. He is a power broker in a universe of infinite possibilities. Galvatron has a vision where he travels the universe, collecting instruments of power, gobbling up resources, dominating species, declaring wars, ravaging planets, and drinks from the goblet of strife.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Galvatron looks powerful and dangerous, the high shoulders and pincers on top of his head giving him an air of menace. His stocky build and the large gun barrel jutting out from under his armpit add to that look. For some reason I can't quite figure out he has some kind of visor that can emerge to cover his face. Not sure what to make of that. His left arm holds a retractable knife as secret weapon. All in all, a great robot mode (though the rabbit-ears on his head take some getting used to).

Alternate Mode: In tank mode Galvatron looks like what he's supposed to be, a powerful armored tank. The pincers look a bit out of place in this mode, I think, but don't detract. The tank has compartments on both sides that can open up to fit Minicons. A missingle launcher can flip out from the turret tower. A good vehicle mode.

Combiner Modes: Galvatron can powerlink with Tidal Wave but unlike the link-up modes of Optimus Prime this one looks pretty silly and does little for the characters' look. Both look much better on their own.

Partners / Add-Ons: Galvatron comes with Minicon Clench, who can activate his missile launcher by linking up. Clench himself can transform from robot to armed vehicle to weapon. A good Minicon.

Remarks: I never particularly liked the G1 Galvatron in the third season of the cartoon. Supposedly he was the same as Megatron (and behaved very similar in the movie), but he lacked Megatron's ruthless, calculating demeanor. His constant raging did nothing for me. The comic version had a lot of class and potential at first, but degenerated into a gimmick at the end (let's bring in another Gavatron from another alternate future, shall we?) And the toy, well, the robot mode looks good, but the alternate modes? Please!

Not so with the Armada version. Of course Hasbro performed a major cop-out here, seeing as the Megatron and Galvatron figures of the Armada line differentiate solely in color, whereas the G1 versions were completely different. Still, a cool figure in my opinion. Especially since it transforms into a tank, which I find a lot more sensible than the silly gun-mode of G1 Megatron and the whatever-it-was that G1 Galvatron transformed into. So all in all, a good toy.

Rating: B-

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