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Buzzsaw, Drill Bit, Dualor

Series: Armada
Allegiance: Mini-Con
Categories: Mini-Con
Year: 2002

Robot Modes: The Destruction Minicons have some of the better robot modes among the Armada line Minicons. All are more or less posable and can stand without toppling over. Dualor especially looks pretty tough what with his big guns on the back and Buzzsaw kicks ass with the big... well, buzzsaw on his arm, as does Drillbit with his big... eh, drill. Only real drawback here: Why is Drillbit's left arm just a short stomp? The poor guy. Apart from that, no complaints.

Vehicle Modes: Buzzsaw transforms into a kind of mobile saw blade, Drill Bit becomes (big stretch) a drill, and Dualor a double-barreled tank. All three vehicles look good and are very suited for powerlinking to Armada Transformers in these modes, giving their larger counterparts extra armaments. They can join to pretty much all Transformers, but are specifically intended to powerlink with Cyclonus (both in robot and in helicopter mode), turning him into a powerhouse par excellence.

Remarks: The Destruction Minicons didn't play much of a role in the cartoon, but sure did in the comic series. Taking command of all Minicons, they built a fortress on Earth's moon to protect their people from the Decepticons (regardless of whether their people wanted to be protected or not). When that failed they joined with Megatron and tried to strike a deal, but ended up with the short end of the stick.

As toys they are pretty cool, their forms allowing them to be added as weapons to many of the Armada Transformers. So far they are the only non-combining Minicons I bought for my collection (the Street Speed Team was a gift) and they look good as add-ons to others. Mildly recommended.

Rating: C+

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