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Series: Mech Ideas
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2013

Like his brother, Geminus loves a ruck! Any excuse for a fight with friend or foe. His jibes and sarcastic manner make it seem like he isn’t really trying, or paying attention to battle – and this annoys many an opponent – but really it’s all done as a show for his brother’s benefit, to make it seem like he finds everything easy. He spends every spare minute of the day (when Apex isn’t around) training and pushing himself to be better, as he is deathly afraid of screwing up, and he just hopes that on the day he does screw up, it’s he who pays the prices, and not his brother or any team-mates.

His tiring façade is maintained 173.4 vorns a day / 6.98 orns a week, and the only thing which stops him blowing a fuse is a regular “rust and resuscitation” vacations on the hidden planet of Parapax, an off the grid planet populated exclusively by femme-bots, kept a secret by members of the Demolition Crue. Hey, even the worst jobs have to have their perks? Right?

Apex is the serious one of the group, and many of the other members of the Demolition Crue think of him as the older brother of the two. With words like serious, people tend to think of buzzwords such as competent, knowledgeable, athletic, and assertive. The truth is, Geminus tends to be better than Apex at most things, but the thing that really annoys Apex is deep down he knows Geminus isn't really trying. Apex has dedicated his entire life to bettering himself, partly for the Steelian cause but mainly to be better than his brother; worst of all is on the rare occassion he actually is better than his brother at something, Geminus is so nice and encouraging about it, it winds Apex up even more.

Loves a fight, with fists of weapons, and is never afraid to be the first one on the battlefield or the first one to volunteer for a dangerous mission, a trait he shares with his brother - probably due to their shared spark. He likes to tell people his nickname is "the Cat", but he doesn't seem to realize it's an ironic nickname, because he never, ever lands on his feet when coming in for a landing.

Robot Modes: An interesting conundrum right at the start: are these two figures repaints / retools of each other? Well... somewhat. The basic design of the two robots is very similar, as is the way they transform, but they show quite a few differences in their sculpt and if I were to guess how many parts are from the same mold and how many are different, I’d say maybe 60-40. Their torsos, upper legs, and arms are pretty much identical, but lower legs, shoulders and heads are different. Much like the original figures, actually, who were also basically the same, but with quite a few different parts.

Both figures have the full range of motion you’d expect from a current Deluxe-class figure (bonus points for double-jointed elbows) and everything holds together very well. The figures are sturdy, too, and there is no worry that they’ll break apart just from falling over (I do know a few third party figures like that). The attention to detail on the sculpt is amazing, especially considering that these two have rather simple paint jobs. Finally, their heads are very nicely done, being close to their appearance in IDW’s “Last Stand of the Wreckers” comic, and really give a lot of character to these guys. Geminus / Twin Twist even comes with a second “zombie” head, modelled after the way he looked shortly before his death after being tortured by a Decepticon.

Finally, the weapons. Both Apex and Geminus come with two guns each, plus a big war hammer. The hammers are identical for both figures and you can, if you want, use the handle from one to make the other hammer longer. The figures can hold their respective hammers two-handed and adopt quite a few cool poses with these weapons. The guns can plug in on their backs if they don’t use them and the hammer, too, can be stored there by sliding the handle between their shoulder pods.

Bottom line thus: two very cool looking and very well designed robots. No complaints.

Alternate Modes: The transformation isn’t quite a simple as it was for the original G1 Jumpstarters (whom you basically just folded in half), but it’s not the most complicated transformation ever, either. Apex / Topspin becomes a Science Fiction style space jet (with rather questionable aerodynamics, but I guess he mostly flies in space), while Geminus / Twin Twist becomes a tank with two drills up front. Here the similarities between the two figures are even more pronounced, as the vehicles are pretty much identical except that Apex has wings on the sides, Geminus has tank threads below, and they have different attachments sticking out in front.

Both vehicles can mount some or all of their respective weapons on top, with the handle of the hammer becoming the barrel of a big gun and the hand weapons going on either side. Alternatively the hammer can also be stored beneath the vehicles. And... yeah, don’t really have that much more to say here. Two decent vehicle modes, close in look to those of the G1 Jumpstarters, but really not that extraordinary. The focus of the figures is clearly the robot mode.

Remarks: I was going to talk about the long history of the Jumpstarters here and how Top Spin and Twin Twist were present in just about every incarnation of the Wreckers across all the various comic books and such stuff, but then I read the last paragraph of Geminus’ profile text, which reveals the secret of the Wreckers / Demolition Crue’s success: after each mission they go to a planet full of femme-bots and... relax. And by relax I mean... you know what I mean, right? The Wreckers got their own pleasure planet hidden away, where they go to have amazing... relaxation. Just in case you were wondering what the appeal was of joining an elite unit with a casualty rate as high as the Wreckers. A private planet full of femme-bots.

As for the toys, they are great, solid Deluxe class figures. Nothing bad to be said about them at all. The characters they reference are not the most prolific of all Transformers, naturally, so they might not be for everyone. But the love for detail, the great quality, and the (for a third party toy) relatively low price tag combined make them an all-around great deal. Certainly not a must have for everyone, but fully recommended to all Wreckers fans.

Rating: B+
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