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Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Spychanger
Year: 2001

Strenght wins!
X-Brawn loves extremes and is at his best in disastrous situations and brutal climates such as dry deserts or snowstorms. He doesn't waste time on long-winded speeches and can be counted on to say it all in just a few words. He's very reliable and has fearsome strength. He is a martial arts master with an especially powerful left arm. His "Southpaw Lariat" is invincible.

Robot Mode: A very small and simple robot, X-Brawn nevertheless manages quite a bit of detailing and while his legs are immobile, his arms are quite posable for such a little guy. The car's hood on his left arm is an acquired taste, but the larger version of this toy hat a similar feature. All in all X-Brawn accomplishes his mission, which is to be a miniature version of the larger X-Brawn toy.

Alternate Mode: X-Brawn transforms into a small van. The vehicle as such is nothing special, but for its size it has a fair amount of realism and detailing to it. So no complaints here, either.

Remarks: The RID line introduced a subline known as Spychangers, small robot cars who appeared in the cartoon as (you guessed it) spies and specialists for delicate missions. All the 'normal' Spychangers were repaints from the G2 Gobot line, but it also included miniature versions of the main RID cast such as X-Brawn.

As a figure X-Brawn is nothing special and I only bought him because he came in tow with Spychanger Scourge, but he's a decent little guy and looks better than your average Micromaster or Minicon.

Rating: C-


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