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Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Basic
Year: 2002

Remarks: Robots in Disguise Mirage GT is a repaint of Beast Machines Mirage, so look for the full review there. Just a few words on the differences here. The figure was repainted mostly yellow to give it a more ‘heroic’ flair, I guess, given that it’s supposed to portray a good guy now instead of the evil Vehicon it used to be. Given the name and alternate mode I wonder why they didn’t just repaint him white-blue to properly pay homage to G1 Mirage. Anyway, nothing else has changed except the color, so you have basically the same average figure you had in Beast Machines. Not bad, but not in any way extraordinary, either. Mirage GT was sold in a three-pack with Scavenger and Nightcruz to bolster the RID toyline, though none of the figures actually appeared in the TV series. Okay if you can get them cheap, but not worth much hassle.

Rating: C


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