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with Gatorface

Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2017

The Decepticons unite with Titan Masters to power up for battle! Any Autobot who looks into the eyes of Gatorface has their systems locked. That gives Decepticon Krok an easy target for his pulverizing attacks.

Remarks: Krok is a repaint with a new head (-master) of Titans Return Skullsmasher, so look for the full review there. Just some words on the differences here.

Krok swaps Skullsmasher’s colors for his own combination of black, yellow, and purple (which comes out blue in the pictures for some reason) and looks pretty cool sporting those colors. No other changes to the figure itself, so let’s go directly to the new head. Like with all Titans Return figures Deluxe and above said head becomes a separate figure, Titan Master Gatorface, which has got to be one of the coolest names in Transformers history (much better than ‘Gatoraider’, the name of his original partner). Gatorface in head mode is a great match to the head of the original Krok as well as his comic book appearance.

In beast mode Krok becomes a crocodile just like Skullsmasher, naturally, but personally I like the beast in these colors a bit better. Also, the rubbery panel that hides the crocodile’s cockpit is still rubbery, but not nearly as much as it was with Skullsmasher and works a lot better here.

Krok started his existence as an Actionmaster from the twilight days of the original toyline. He never did have much in the way of media presence until he ended up appearing in IDW’s More than Meets the Eye comic series as the leader of the Scavengers, a band of lower-ranked Decepticons who joined together after the end of the war. Krok’s dream is to build a rehab center for Decepticons suffering from the Transformers equivalent of PTSD.

As for the Krok toy, it depends. If you have no affinity for the character or maybe some nostalgic feelings for the old Actionmasters, then Krok is simply a repaint of Skullsmasher and whether or not you like his look better it purely subjective. Me, I like Krok, but still: he’s just a repaint, so I do have to deduct some points. Still, I have yet to handle a bad Titans Return Deluxe class figure and Krok does not break that streak. A good figure… for a repaint.

Rating: B-
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