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Series: Power of the Primes
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2018

Prelude: Hun-Gurrr, the leader of the Terrorcons, has gone through quite a few versions of his name over the years. There was the original G1 Hun-Grrr and his Japanese counterpart Hun-Gurur. Then there was the Universe version Hun-Gurrr, followed by Beast Hunters Hun-Gurr (just two ‘r’s this times), only to go back to the three-r version now. Trademarking names can be a real bother sometimes, I guess. Still better than Siegfried, though.

Robot Mode: Let’s get my one big beef with this figure out of the way first, shall we? Hun-Gurrr doesn’t come with any weapons. The G1 original had a big rifle, which was used his combined form as well. Power of the Primes Hun-Gurrr, however, gets nothing. Well, not quite. He’s got the feet of his combiner mode, which have two small barrels each, so technically they can be imagined as fire arms, yes. Still, Hun-Gurrr really needs a rifle here. He also comes with the so-called Terrorcon Enigma, a Prime-Master-sized artefact that can fit into Abominus’ chest (see below).

Lack of fire arms aside, Hun-Gurrr is pretty much the spitting image of his G1 predecessor. He shares some engineering with Combiner Wars Silverbolt, but you barely notice that. He still got the heads of his dragon mode as feet, allowing him to perform a truly awesome DRAGON KICK! Articulation is very good, no complaints here, and the proportions are good, too.

The thing is, Hun-Gurrr isn’t bad in any objective way, but neither is there anything about him that truly says awesome, either. So the best I can say here is: good side of average. Nothing wrong with the robot mode, but no more than that.

Alternate Mode: Hun-Gurrr transforms into a two-headed dragon. The legs become the necks of the dragon, the feet become the heads. The transformation is pretty much identical to that of his G1 predecessor and, while bigger, the dragon is also very much looking the same, too. Thanks to the dragon necks being the legs, they are very nicely articulated and the dragon heads can move sideways, too, and open their jaws. Hun-Gurrr’s weapon pods can be mounted on the side of the dragon, so there are no loose parts.

That said, the dragon doesn’t really seem as together as the G1 original. There is a big jumble of loose parts hanging off its belly and the rear legs don’t really fit proportionally with the rest of the dragon. So while I do like this dragon mode, I have to say the G1 version of it does look better, despite being slightly less poseable. So overall, a nice dragon mode, but once again nothing here that says wow or awesome.

Combiner Mode: Hun-Gurrr becomes the torso of the Abominus combiner and is compatible with pretty much every limb-robot from Combiner Wars and Power of the Primes, too. More on Abominus once I’ve finished reviewing the individual team members.

Remarks: Not much I can tell about Hun-Gurrr as a character. He’s the leader of the Terrorcons and the torso of Abominus, that’s pretty much it. He never played much of a role in any media apart that, so the most we know about him comes from his original G1 tech spec. Also, for some reason he is headless on the back of his packaging.

As a figure Hun-Gurrr is, of course, necessary to form Abominus. I have to say, though, that he is the weakest of the five Terrorcons. Not just because of the lack of a proper weapon, but also because neither of his two modes is really all that spectacular. He’s not a bad figure, mind you, but if you didn’t need him to form Abominus, I’m not sure I would have bought him. Still, you DO need him for Abominus, so go and buy him. Just don’t expect too much from him. He’s decent, nothing more.

Rating: C+
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