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Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2015

The Autobot military strategist is a critical part of Optimus Maximus. If his strategic skill can successfully combine with the courage of Optimus Prime, it would make Optimus Maximus almost unstoppable in battle.

Remarks: Prowl is a repaint, complete with new head, of Combiner Wars Streetwise (himself a retool of Dead End), so just a few short words on the differences here. Despite being the same mold, the partial reversal of colors in robot mode (white for black and vice versa) coupled with the new head makes Prowl look like an entirely different figure. And despite the fact that he is missing many of Prowl’s classic characteristics (wing doors, hood as chest) the figure still manages to look very Prowl-like, so no complaints here at all.

The same holds true in vehicle mode, where the two cars are essentially identical, but the paint job makes them look quite different. So despite the fact that Prowl is just a repaint of a retool (in a very, very repaint/retool-heavy line), he is quite well done and I actually like him a bit better than Streetwise. Probably just the more rounded character talking here, but anyway. Prowl becomes a limb of Optimus Maximus (or any other Combiner Wars combiner you care to assemble) and does a decent job as both arm and leg. So bottom line: not a must-have, but a very nice figure.

Rating: B+
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