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Series: Robots in Disguise 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Warrior
Year: 2016

Robot Mode: Let us start with the two most important aspects of this toy. One, this figure here makes for a far, far better robot than Generations Windblade. It can easily stand without toppling over despite also featuring high heels, it doesn’t have a hollow torso you can see through from the side, the face doesn’t look as constipated, and overall the figure just holds together better in robot mode. Aspect number two, though, is somewhat less positive: Windblade’s paintjob in both the cartoon and the cover art of this very figure here are a very close match to that of Generations Windblade. The paint job of the figure itself, though, not so much. The head and torso are mostly red instead of black and there are quite a few other differences. Not sure why they decided to change the paint job here so much, but it really bugs me.

Paint issues aside Windblade is an excellent figure, nicely articulated, and actually reuses most of the original Windblade toy’s accessories. The sword is the same, though solid black this time instead of with a translucent blade (I’ve since switched the swords between the two). The scabbard is also the same, only it adds a peg near the top so Windblade can store it underneath her jet mode and, incidentally, hold it as a sort of rifle. Third, the fan on top of Windblade’s head is also the same, just colored differently, and can also be removed and held in hand.

So overall RID Windblade is an excellent robot, a far better depiction of the Windblade character than her Generations counterpart, but she really, really needs a more cartoon-accurate paint job.

Alternate Mode: Windblade transforms into a VTOL type aircraft. The transformation is a good deal less complicated than it was on the Generations figure, but the result looks pretty good regardless. The only downside is that the robot arms are somewhat visible underneath the wings, but apart from that I have no complaints. Much like in robot mode, there is a little too much red and too little black here, though it is not quite as glaringly obvious. The jet features a landing gear and rotating wing-mounted thrusters, all very nice. Windblade’s sword and scabbard can be stored underneath the jet, which... yeah, doesn’t really look that great and also prevents the landing gear from unfolding. Apart from that, though, a good jet mode. No complaints except for the paint job.

Remarks: Windblade was originally created via fan polling for the IDW comics, but quickly proved popular enough to make an appearance in the RID cartoon as well. Here she was sent to Earth by Primus himself to assist in rounding up Decepticon prisoners and help fight against the threat of Megatronus. She has struck up a friendship with teammates Strongarm and Sideswipe.

Overall I can say that RID Windblade is a great figure with a mediocre paintjob. Had they taken the time to paint her like she looks in the cartoon, I would have been very tempted to dole out an A-rating. As it is, she is still a great figure, but if you’re going for cartoon accuracy you either need to apply some extra paint yourself or import the Takara Adventure version of the figure, which looks much better paint-wise. So bottom line: a good figure, well worth getting, but be aware of the paint issue.

Rating: B
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