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Series: Robots in Disguise 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legion
Year: 2015

Decepticons beware, because Fixit is here to thwart their evil schemes! He'll fix what the Decepticons break and he'll have a good time doing it!

Robot Mode: Fixit’s robot mode is somewhat reminiscent of Beast Machines Rattrap, having wheels instead of legs and no actual weapons (except for, you know, that extensive in-built arsenal Fixit completely forgot he had). As a Legion-class toy he is a good deal smaller, of course, and thus of near-perfect scale with the various Warrior-class Autobots. His look is pretty much spot-on when compared with the cartoon character, the only major difference being that he has drills for hands instead of the clamps cartoon Fixit sports.

Overall there is little more I can write here. Fixit looks great, has no trouble standing up straight despite having wheels for legs, and is as articulated as can be expected of a Legion-sized figure with a lower body that is non-articulated by design. So bottom line: no complaints. A cute little robot mode for a cute little cartoon character.

Alternate Modes: Fixit transforms into a kind of driller vehicle, basically just the robot folded down with the two drills of his hands extending out front. I don’t think Fixit ever actually transformed into a vehicle mode in the cartoon as far as I can remember, only into various tools, so there is no reference there. But the vehicle mode looks good and while it won’t be mistaken for a (present-day) Earth vehicle anytime soon, it does somewhat hide the fact that you’re actually looking at a transformed robot. So bottom line: as good a vehicle mode as could reasonably be expected here. No complaints.

Remarks: In the typical band-of-five that is the main cast of many, many cartoons, there needs to be the small, funny guy. It was Bumblebee in Animated, Rattrap in Beast Wars, and it’s Fixit in the new Robots in Disguise series. The caretaker of the prison ship Alchemor is Team Bumblebee’s tech guy and - though he doesn’t remember it - a very bad-ass and highly destructive guardian robot, too. I love the little guy.

So far there are two toys of Fixit out in stores, this one here and the somewhat larger 1-Step-Changer. For interacting with your Warrior-class Autobots, Legion-class Fixit is definitely the better choice, both in terms of scale and articulation. Liking Fixit the way I do, I got both, but if you want just one, I recommend the Legion-class figure right here.

Rating: B+
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