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Series: Adventure
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Warrior
Year: 2015

Remarks: Battle Mode Jazz is a repaint with a slightly modified head of Robots in Disguise Jazz, whom I’ve reviewed not too long ago. So just some brief words on the differences. Looking back at my RID Jazz review, I lamented two main weaknesses on this otherwise excellent figure, those being a lack of colored details and a stupid weapon. Battle Mode Jazz fixes one of those weaknesses by giving Jazz quite a bit more color, especially evident in car mode, but also in robot mode. Also, the head was slightly resculpted, putting a blue visor over Jazz’ eyes (the only difference to the standard Takara Adventure Jazz), making him somewhat more G1-accurate. Sadly he still carries that stupid all-white battle lance, but otherwise: an improvement over the Hasbro version.

Battle Mode Jazz came in a two-pack with Drift Origin Mode, the latter being the reason I bought the set. Don’t get me wrong, Battle Mode Jazz does improve upon Hasbro Jazz, but only slightly, so I wouldn’t have bothered with him if he came individually. As part of the two-pack with Drift, though, he’s quite good. Still, recommended only to those who don’t own Hasbro Jazz or standard Takara Jazz yet and/or really want that Drift figure.

Rating: B+
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