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Series: Prime Cyberverse
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legion
Year: 2012

I’m going to try something new here. Activating my alter ego: Fanboy Phil! Who digs the Prime cartoon, like totally!

Oh my God, did you know? The Prime TV series was barely on the screen – like, five minutes, dude – and Cliffjumper here totally died! It was sooooo badass right from the get-go. He talks like The Rock, he kicks Decepticon skidplate like a boss, and then Starscream just plain murders him, fatality-style. Forget about all the old Transformers stuff, this here is so rad, I can barely find words. Five minutes in and one of the main good guys totally dies, this is so cool. And later on he totally comes back zombie-style and tries to eat brains. Zombies are so cool, man!

And, like, they did that even though Cliffjumper was super-important to the cast and all. I mean, he gets three – count’em, three – toys right at the start of the toyline. The First Edition toy, the RID toy, and this Cyberverse Legion toy right here. And he still totally dies! How cool is that, dude? Man, Transformers has never been edgier than this! Five minutes and the first good guy dies, pow, spark crushed by Starscream’s claws. I can’t believe it!

I mean, yeah, this Cyberverse toy here is totally for kids, yo! Small, real small. But can, like, move pretty well for the size with elbows and knees and stuff and looks a lot like the guy who – did I tell you about that? – died five minutes into the pilot. So badass! Got a cool sword, too. Guns are for lame-os, right? Did anyone ever die by gunfire in the Prime series? Claws and swords, man, claws and swords! That’s how you kill in a cool way, dude! So Cliffjumper got a badass sword to slice up Vehicons with. Okay, he didn’t really have one in the cartoon and just shot them... and then he died. He totally wouldn’t have died with a sword, man! He’d have carved the slag outta Starscream.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, this toy here. Like I said, totally for kids, man! But given that, pretty cool. And you can totally assemble a Legion-class Vehicon army for this guy to carve through before he gets killed off real bad. That’s pretty rad! Oh, and he becomes a kick-ass car, too.

Rating: C+
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