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Series: Robot Masters
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Lasercycle
Year: 2004

Now is the time for me to show you! These are the results of ninja training!
Came from the planet Charr to bodyguard for Convoy and his troops. In order to boost his skills, he devotes himself to ninja training in the mountain recesses of Japan. His standard speed is 380 km/h, but using ninjitsu he can attain a top speed of 620 km/h for a duration of 8 seconds.

Robot Mode: Road Rocket is a nice little robot with enormous shoulders that make him look much bigger than he really is. His posability is quite good thanks to balljoints, though the motorcycle parts hanging off him somewhat restrict him. Balance isn't a problem, though, thanks to his big feet, and he can pull off some decent poses without problems.

Originally a G2 Lasercycle, Road Rocket is still armed with the same weapon of those bygone days: A transparent weapon, a chain saw in his case, which can be made to light up thanks to the electronics in his backpack. I really like those, not sure why, but I'm a big fan of the Lasercycles and Laserrods. Anyway, Road Rocket manages to pull off the gimmick nicely without being overwhelmed by it.

As far as detailing goes, Road Rocket is average for a G2 toy. Not spectacular, but not bad, either. All of the above means that he's a nice little robot with no obvious flaws and a decent gimmick. Certainly not an instant classic, but good and solid. No complaints.

Alternate Mode: Road Rocket transforms into a yellow motorcycle with flames painted on the sides and the chainsaw weapon fastened at the side as a sort-off exhaust pipe. Not really that much I can write here. The detailing on the bike is nice and it includes a stand you can flip out below. Not bad. If you look very closely you can see one of Road Rocket's robot arms sticking out below, but it's not really all that noticeable. So overall a decent, if unspectacular vehicle mode.

Remarks: Road Rocket is a repaint of the G2 Lasercycle of the same name from 1995. The mold was recoloured once before for the Robots in Disguise series under the name Sideways in 2002. Sideways was available in a two-pack with RID Axer, who was recoloured into another Robot Master toy, namely Double Face. These G2 molds sure are popular in the Japanese series. Just don't ask what ninjitus has to do with driving faster. You'll only get a headache.

To tell you the truth I bought Road Rocket mainly because he was on sale and I got him real cheap. Still, I have been on a G2 trip as of late and the Robotmasters line offers many G2 molds and they are usually in much better condition (and cheaper) than the originals. So Road Rocket joined my collection and I haven't regretted it. He's certainly not a classic, but he's a solid little robot and for some reason I like motorcycle Transformers. So if you like them too and have the opportunity to get Road Rocket for a reasonable price, I recommend you get him.

Rating: C+
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