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with Pinpoint

Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Commander
Year: 2010

Leadfoot gained fame among the Autobots as a first class infiltrator. Combined with Pinpoint, he becomes invisible to Decepticon sensors. His hypertuned engine gives him the speed he needs to be in and out of an enemy base before a single alarm can be tripped.

Robot Mode: Let’s start with my favourite thing about this robot: the hands. Leadfoot’s got huge paws that are put together from the exhaust pipes of his car mode. Three silver exhaust pipes form the fingers on each hand, while an additional white pipe becomes the thumb. While the rest of his body is more or less realistically proportioned, his hands are gigantic and the resulting look is just great. I love Leadfoot’s big hands, did I mention that?

The rest of him, while not as spectacularly grand, is also nothing to sneeze at. A nicely made, well-articulated robot in orange, white, and black. The only things that look slightly out of place are those bright blue Power Core combiner stubs, but that’s pretty much standard for the PCC line. Otherwise, though, I have absolutely nothing to complain about here. For armaments Leadfoot can either hold his Minicon weapon (see below) in hand or flip out a Minicon connecting port from his chest to mount it there. Personally I prefer the latter, but both ways work. So bottom line: an excellent robot mode with tremendously big hands. Big thumbs up!

Alternate Mode: In vehicle mode Leadfoot resembles an F-1 racer of some sort. Not sure whether it’s based on any specific model. The car looks a bit puzzled-together, but that’s about my only complaint here. On the hood you have a flip-out Minicon port for attaching Pinpoint in engine mode (see below) and the rear spoiler contains a nod to G.B. Blackrock, a character from the Marvel Transformers comics. So while this isn’t the most realistic-looking or solidly-looking vehicle mode of all time, it’s fully sufficient.

Partner: Leadfoot comes with the Minicon Pinpoint, who (like all the PCC Minicons) is advertised as having a 4-mode-transformation, but really just transforms from robot to weapon. The weapon looks a little bit different depending on where you mount it, it can go on Leadfoot’s chest in robot mode, his hood in vehicle mode, or simply into his hand. He’s got a semi-third mode in that he has an engine sculpted onto his back, but his ‘engine mode’ is vastly oversized on Leadfoot’s car mode. So overall a nice little Minicon Targetmaster, not so good as a Powermaster.

Power Core Mode: Like all non-Minicon PCC figures Leadfoot can transform into the torso of a larger robot that can use any set of PCC drones as limbs. Basically you turn the robot around, tuck in the arms and legs a bit, and switch to the second head, you’re done. I like this mode, though. The new head isn’t my favourite, but I like the exhaust pipes on the shoulders and it holds together quite well. So while I prefer Leadfoot’s normal robot mode, he does a good job as a PCC torso as well.

Remarks: Leadfoot is a homage to the G2 character of the same name, but his look and the fact that he’s a Targetmaster (basically) also strongly remind me of G1 Sureshot (while the Nebulon Targetmaster Pinpointer was partnered with Crosshairs) and being a yellow formula 1 racer with a little partner that becomes an engine (sort of) is a nod to G1 Slapdash. So yes, Leadfoot is certainly a homage-master.

Seeing as the Power Core Combiner line was a toy-only line with no accompanying fiction, there is very little to say about Leadfoot as a character, we have only his profile text to go on. As a toy, though, I like this guy very much. Not an all-time classic, but a great little robot, especially considering that he’s been built around a gimmick.

Rating: B+
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