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Series: Transformers Collectors Club
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Function: Strategist
Year: 2013

You've got to know when to fold them... because I'm always on a hot streak!
Jackpot coasts through life with a smile and firm belief that everything will turn out okay. Because for him, it usually does. No matter how dire the situation, things seem to come out all right in the end. Of course, he realizes that sometimes luck needs a helping hand, and can typically find some way to tilt the odds in his favor...even when he is being chased by a pack of angry Decepticons (or more recently, Transtech police). He uses his incredible luck and high speed (up to 225mph in his roadster mode) to make up for a general lack of power. In both modes, his side-pipes are photon emitters that can produce blinding light shows, or be focused into concentrated heat beams.

Remarks: Jackpot is a repaint with a slightly modified face of Animated Jazz, so look there for the full review and look at Botcon Dead End for another version of the mold. Just a few words on what differentiates Jackpot from his mold mates. Jackpot takes his name and colors from the Generation 1 Actionmaster and the colors look really great on this mold. Apart from the new paintjob, the only other difference is the face, as Jackpot has been given a cocky grin instead of Jazz' somewhat more stoic look. The rest remains the same, a great Animated Deluxe figure, looking really good in new colors.

Animated Jackpot has a few cameos in both the Botcon 2011 comic book, as well as the Transtech comics in the Transformers Club Magazine. Nothing big, but at least as much as his G1 counterpart can claim. Anyway, I got Jackpot here as a gift from my buddy Caked-Up, many thanks to him, and he is just one more sign that Animated ended far, far too soon. I hope that come next year when Animated turns 10, we shall see some new figures to accompany Jackpot onto the Animated shelf. Bottom line for this figure: not a must, unless of course you are an Animated fan.

Rating: B+
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