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Series: Transformers Collectors Club
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2011

Go on, run! That's when the fun begins!!!
Cheetor loves the thrill of the chase. When his turbo sensors lock on to the tail lights of a fleeing Decepticon, he pushes his accelerator to the floor. He can get a little too focused on his games of cat-and-mouse. When his optics lock in on the perp, his surroundings fade into a blur as he races in pursuit. Neither street signs, traffic flow, nor even that unfortunate bot caught crossing his path matter to him during his dash.

Prelude: Cheetor here is a repaint (complete with new head) of Animated Blurr, available via the Official Transformers Collectors Club.

Robot Mode: Cheetor’s robot mode is, in fact, a veritable chain of homages. First there is, of course, the original Beast Wars Cheetor, who supplies name and character. The actual look of the figure is based on Transtech Cheetor, or rather the preliminary designs of that character from the never-realized series. Animated Blurr, the original owner of this mold, was actually modeled after Transtech Cheetor, too, so it’s hardly a surprise. And finally the paint job of Animated Cheetor is a very close match to that of Beast Machines Cheetor. I could have made this easier on myself by just saying it’s a homage to Cheetor, period.

The figure’s new head is a very stylized reinterpretation of the original BW Cheetor’s head, but fits the character quite well in my opinion, as well as the overall Animated style. The rest of the body is unchanged, it’s sleek, runner-type build fitting Cheetor’s speedster-image to a T. The mostly yellow paint job is broken up by the black cheetah spots, a green saw for a weapon plus some other green highlights, and a red Autobot symbol. So the bottom line: still an excellent robot and an equally excellent choice for the character of Cheetor.

Alternate Mode: Cheetor transforms into the same kind of futuristic race car Blurr does and except for the paint job there are no differences between the two cars. It still looks great, sleek and mighty fast, its only flaw the open rear. Apart from that, no complaints. An excellent choice for a Cheetor vehicle mode.

Remarks: The Animated version of Cheetor was introduced in the 2-page Transformers Club story “Moving Violations”, where he trashed two city blocks while chasing down to bots with a moving violation. He was demoted to beat cop and transferred to Iacon Central in time to partake in the events of the Botcon 2011 comic “The Stunti-Con Job”. Together with his partner Sideswipe he prevented the Stunticons from freeing Megatron and killing several high-ranking Autobots.

This figure makes me glad for no less than four reasons: one, it’s a repaint of a really great figure, Animated Blurr. Two, it’s a new Animated figure, proving that the series is far from dead yet. Three, it’s Cheetor, a character from Beast Wars and to me the best developing character in all of Transformers history. And finally: I got it for free. Well, not free, seeing as I pay my annual membership fee to the Transformers Club, but you get the message. So the bottom line: an excellent figure and a must-have for all fans of Animated, Beast Wars, and Cheetor.

Rating: A-
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