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with Ravage

Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Convention Exclusive
Year: 2010

No one gets past me. If they know what's good for them.
The "Turbomaster," a nickname of sorts for this Autobot, has become one of Optimus Prime's most trusted soldiers since the return of the Golden Age of Cybertron. When word reached Optimus Prime from Autobot City on Earth that a new Decepticon threat had emerged, he sent Turbomaster to check on the Autobots who were safeguarding the planet. Now Turbomaster finds himself thrust into a battle with robots he does not know on a planet he finds a little confusing. While he loves working as part of a team, having even adopted a new Earth based "alternate mode" to blend in, he is still unsure about how to respond to many of his "new" Autobot teammates.

Review by Caked-Up:

Robot Mode: After a fairly ingenious transformation, Turbomaster is a zippy looking robot. I was really fond of how his legs form with both sections of the alt mode seats blending in seamlessly. If you don’t know the seats become his thighs and the seat backs become his calves. There aren’t any mold differences between him and Hound, but the obnoxiously bright orange paint would make it seem like there was. The color scheme is essentially the same as the alt mode.

His posability is superb with near maximum range of movement in each joint. One of my biggest pet peeves with any Transformer figure is a poor choice for feet setup. Fortunately, Turbomaster does not have that problem as his feet are HUGE and stable. In addition to that they also hinge sideways on the bottom to help keep them flat on the ground. His posability is so good that the only pose I could not get him in was resting on one knee.

However, the way the upper body is put together appears to be half-finished in my opinion. The chest does not tab anywhere and the crotch plate just hangs there with nowhere to go. Yet the biggest issue is the gaping hole behind his head. However, this last issue can be rectified. The instructions direct you to place the wheels over his shoulders, but you can position them in the center and rotate the wheels so they face each other. Both of his wheels will rest behind his head, filling in the gap and it cleans up his look. I also think that having the wheels behind the head is just a badass look. His gun fits in either hand or his shoulder, but I never tried the latter because he is not Hound. I really like this robot mode and I fixed the one issue I had with him.

Ravage transforms from a white brick to a white thing with a tail. It isn’t a bad representation of a panther, but the lack of ankle joints ruins the figure in my opinion. Still there is a coolness factor in that he is from a Botcon exclusive universe (Shattered Glass) and wasn’t available at that Botcon (2008).

Remarks: For months I walked by the lonely Hound figure on the shelf at my local Navy Exchange, but for some reason I just didn’t want him. I could not tell you why I wanted Turbomaster, but I am happy Philister split the set with me. Double Punch is great, but I only wanted Turbomaster. Now that I am enlightened, I recommend this mold to everyone, but if you didn’t get this guy at the Botcon, I would not pay an astronomical amount for him.

Rating: B+
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